Monday, July 7, 2014

15 years ago

15 years ago today I started a journey that was life altering and personally defining. This journey forever change my life.

 I left my home, school, my family and friends to embark as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I entered the MTC as a scared, naive, and completely optimistic individual. I was so excited for my mission to Montana!

 My mission was amazing.  It help to shape my life and beliefs. It influenced the major life decisions and small life decisions that would shape my life. I still reach back to those experiences on a daily basis as I apply all my life experiences to make decisions, goals, and move forward with my life.

The one sealing I was able to go to as a missionary.  Nothing is better than seeing someone you taught get sealed! 
As a missionary I got to see many people I taught enter the waters of baptism and change their life--even if it was just for a short time. They desired to become more like our Savior and follow his footsteps. I saw a light in their countenance that could only radiate through someone who truly felt The Spirit of God.

 I saw what happened to individuals that followed Christ and what happened to those that lost their way.  I longed for the happiness that I have found in the Gospel for all of those that I came in contact with.

Having a little fun on the mish! Cooper and Mangum
It made me stop to think when almost to the day--15 years later I got to attend another baptism, of someone that I got to teach the gospel to.  My oldest son was baptized On July 5,2014. I thought that nothing could compare the the joy I found as a missionary--until I experienced the joy as a mother watching her child follow Christ. I am guessing that feeling has been very common for thousands of years. 3 John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."  
My two handsome boys!!

 It was such a perfect day! We had a ward baptism with four kids. My brother-in-law's girlfriend played the piano, my mom said the opening prayer, and I got to give the talk on baptism.
Such a wonderful day
We were waiting for people to get back from the restroom so I snapped this one quickly

Then we took turns using the font and split off of to finish off the rest of our meetings. Josh baptized him and confirmed him. Brother Lether, Justin, both Grandpas, our friend Joey Catenzaro, My cousin Steve, and My Uncle Ron, stood in the circle to confirm him.
Everyone that was able to come

Then the rest of the meeting was turned over to Josh. He opened it up for Testimonies. Josh, Dad (Thomson), both my parents, and I all bore our testimonies.
Four generations

Baptism boy with GG and Crapa

Josh, his parents, and Turner

The spirit was strong. We had a few pictures and lunch afterward. It was so special to be there with so many friends and family.