Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Life goes on

It has been a crazy month plus. We are still in self isolation. I am amazed when I get out that the world continues on without us. My kids are still growing and getting older. We celebrated Max's birthday--he is now 12!(He should get his own post--I will work on that) We got chicks at the start of this self isolation, and they are starting to look like real chickens. The trees have blossomed and even starting to loose their blossoms. Still we self isolate and wonder what the world will be like when we come out of our respective bunkers.

There are so many beautiful things that we have experienced in our home. I wish, hope and pray that I can keep some of the good when this is all over. What has surprised me was how strong my love for "homesteading" came back. Chickens! I can't believe we finally jumped into this! I have been wanting chickens for so long that the first time I looked into it, it was illegal. Times have changed and we are super happy to have finally got chickens on Thomson Creek Farm.

I am also looking to clean out the old beehives and see if I can catch a swarm. Unfortunately when I went to look at the hives yesterday I have some wasps that have taken up residence. Trying to figure out how to clean out the hives without dying.

I have been making all our food from scratch,

planting our gardens,
starting seeds indoors
and loving the rhythm of a home centered life. I am so thankful for our little suburban homestead and the grace of God that attends me daily.