Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Me and my dad circa 1978
I am a primary chorister for my ward. It is the GREATEST calling in all the world! I love it. I really love it this time around due to the technology benefits of FB groups. In this FB group we can share ideas, ask questions, and glean inspiration from other choristers from around the world. I was surprised when it came time to start preparing for Father's Day, how many choristers wanted a Father's Day song that didn't have anything to do with Father's. 
Families are forever

Now I totally appreciate these tender hearted women didn't want to offend anyone or make anyone feel bad. These women come from all over the world, and many from areas where and in-home father isn't the norm. I get that they didn't want the children to be sad, yet are we doing them a disservice by making believe that it doesn't matter? If you grew up without a father, I am sorry. I am sorry that Father's day may be hard for you, but Fathers DO MATTER! Can you still grow up to be an amazing person without a father? Of course you can! If your father is home yet isn't the greatest example of what a father can be, are we doing a service by ignoring what a father should be? I don't believe we are. 
All because two people fell in love! Crazy Mangum crew!

I feel like we are perpetuating the cycle of absent fathers by minimizing their importance. This super woman mentality is making it so that men feel like they won't be missed, aren't needed in the family, and that everyone will be fine without them. Who wants to stick around a family that doesn't need them? The cold hard fact is that children do better with a father in the home. Fathers are pretty amazing and I am really lucky to have the best dad on the planet. 
My awesome parents with their awesome kids!

When I was 14-years-old a young women's leader had allowed some of us to drive her car for about 10 feet in a straight line in a dirt area of a mobile home park. I thought it was pretty cool. I then asked my older brother if I could drive. He asked me if I had ever driven before. I wasn't really lying when I said yes, but he didn't ask about steering! My brother pulled over on the side of a dirt road, right before the road went into a wash. Folks, I had no natural knack for driving. I tried to pull back into the road and turned WAY too far, so I steered back WAY too far and drove up over the mountian of rocks to my right and up over the street sign that said, do no cross when flooded. I then of course over corrected back into the wash. In all about 50 feet, my brother finally managed to get his foot over to the brake pedal and stop the car. I had successfully ripped the gas tank. He left me with the car while he walked home to get my parents. My dad drove me home while my brother drove the car to the mechanic before all of the gas dripped out. 

I remember sitting there next to my dad. He didn't really say much. He did say, in the calmest voice, "I am really glad that no one was hurt. Well I guess you and Rick will have to split the deductible. It will be $250 for each of you. And you will have to wait a little bit longer to get your drivers licence." I thought that was generous. That wasn't the last time I had to pay a deductible for one of his cars. It wasn't the first time he started out by saying "I'm glad no one was hurt." I NEVER would have learned how to drive if it hadn't have been for the patience of Job that my father possessed. I never would have learned how to do a lot of things if it wasn't for the patient unconditional love that my father possessed for me. My father typifies my Eternal Father. 

Because my father was present, encouraging, wise, patient, fun loving, serving, and spiritual I have no problem seeing my Father in Heaven the same way. Thank you Dad! I love you!
Dad of the year! Love his man and his adorable crew!

My husband is also such an example of love. He had no idea what he was getting into when he married me. We agreed when we were getting serious that would would only want two to three kids. This patient man has welcomed each child into our family with a heart full of love. Josh is very involved in our children's lives. He never backs down from a parenting moment. This man has caught vomit in his hands, has rubbed leg aches, medicated fevers, done more laundry than he can even keep track of. He cooks meals, provides for the family, serves others, and loves us with his whole soul. I am so glad that my children get to have him for a father. You amaze me everyday Josh Thomson. Thank you!
Josh hates camping, yet went on the fathers and sons because he loves his sons.

There have been many great men in my life that have been a father of sorts to me. My Father-in-law is a great man and truly an example of love and tenderness. My grandfathers were amazing men and I miss them so much. I have been blessed by bishops, stake presidents, teachers, and neighbors. It is a never ending duty to be a dad. You are doing great!Father's, if we don't say it enough THANK YOU!  You are vital to the survival of the family. 
Turner drew this picture of his dad in primary today.

Notice that my mind never once when to someone who is famous, a national leader, or great in the sight of the world. It is the work we do person to person that matters. Fathers you matter! Thank you!