Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A couple of my favorite art projects!

      I decided that this year when we studied our letters, I wanted to add an art vocabulary word with each letter. It was fun to start off the year with A is for abstract art. It turned out to be very good for my oldest son. He tends to be a little like his mother, and he gets frustrated and gives up if he doesn't think he is good at something. Art has never been his favorite thing and he has always had about a 10 second attention span when it came to drawing, painting, play dough, et cetera . . . When studied abstract art a whole new world opened up to him.
     I know not everyone has the same philosophies when it comes to art but this is mine--it is the process not the product that matters. Children should be able to play at art. Sometimes we throw in crafts where there is a step by step nature to the project but that is not what we do everyday. Even then, I tend to choose projects where there is an opportunity for individuality and art play. So why Buddy has a need to get everything perfect when it comes to art? I am not sure, but he does.
    So when we studied A is for abstract art, we studied Jackson Pollock and Buddy's art world just seemed to open up. When then tried splatter painting (an activity that should only be done outside--my walls and ceiling can attest!) Buddy was in love! He even mentioned at one point, "I could do this all day!" The great thing is, he now draws more and his drawings have become a lot more apparent! It was one of those moments where something really turned out much better than  you could have even hoped!

My next favorite project was our fall leaf painting! This is nothing new or special but I just loved how it turned out. I had the kids paint coffee filters in all the fall colors. After they dried I cut them out in leaf shapes and taped them (with blue painters tape) all over the tree painted on our wall. It as easy, fun, festive, and cheap! I know not everyone has a tree painted on their wall but other uses could be--make a wreath, a garland, tape them in your windows, or just tape them on the wall for a little autumn color inside! I know painting with kids is messy. It is easier for me since I have my school room where I am not concerned with paint getting on the floor. It is so important though so find a spot, be the kitchen table or even the kitchen or bathroom floor! Most important though, make sure it is washable :)

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