Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of school pictures!

We got home from a vacation late last night. So I decided to let my kids sleep in this morning--because we could. We got invited to the first day of school neighborhood breakfast, so we went--because we could. We helped clean-up while everyone was walking their kids to school--because we could. We came home and unpacked--because we could. We went to the Kaysville splash pad--because we could. We had a picnic lunch--because we could. Not everyday of homeschool is like this. But some are! I thought it would be nice to celebrate all of the things we could do! 

I know that this isn't everyone's choice when it comes to education. You can't tell people that you educate at home without the REST of the conversation being about why they could never do that. Yet still, I know that my friends whom have been impressed to homeschool are finding ways to do it. I know that my friends whom haven't been impressed to homeschool are making the right choice for their family. I firmly believe that the Lord will qualify those whom He calls. I am glad we are not all called to do the same things!! He qualified me to raise twins, he is qualifying me to educate at home. I am thankful that I get to receive personal revelation for me and my family.

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