Saturday, February 23, 2013

A breath of fresh air!

Monday morning my spontaneity was challenged for the second time in lest than a week! The first time was earlier in the week when my friend Jacqui told me that she had vouchers for The Leonardo in Salt Lake that had to be used that week. Josh and I planned a trip, and then I saw that the time we were going to go, the museum was closed for a private party. I called a couple of friends, told them I had free tickets if they wanted to go, and we all dropped our plans, headed to Salt Lake, and had ourselves a day with the girls!
The second time was when My Mother-in-law called Monday morning and asked if we wanted to head to Hardware Ranch for the day! We had been there 3 years before. (To see that trip, click here.) I remembered loving it, and my memories served me right! It ended up being a terrific day! We had a picnic in the parking lot! See those little dots in the back ground? Those are all Elk! The State decided that it would be better to feed the Elk and keep them in the Mts. then to let them go down to the farms and get in trouble. 

I couldn't get my darling 6-year-old to give me a darling look! What happened to this little boy? The one in the red coat was from the last time we went! He was 3.

So you get to take a sleigh ride into the field where they feed the Elk. You get to get really close to these amazing animals. We LOVED it! Turner had 100 questions! It was great!
Here is the Crew! Max is my most cooperative kid when it comes to photos. Thank goodness for the cooperative kid!

This was Max last time we went! He was 21-months!
Cooper had a little accident with a big pile of ice. Poor kid. He, of course, still winked at me when I was trying to take a picture of it! Love this happy little boy!
I love where spontaneity takes me!In this case, it took me to a place where I could breath! I need  to get out in the fresh air more during the winter!

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