Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Internet knowledge

         When I first became a mother, we were strapped financially. I was staying home and Josh was going to school full time and working full time. We were looking for ways to save money as best we could. We looked at our budget over and over again and found that cutting out internet was one of the only things we could do. It seemed extreme but, "if we can't afford it, we can't have it" has been a motto we have tried to live by during our marriage. I knew that staying home with my baby was more important to us than having the internet in our home. I don't know how long we lived like this. It seemed long at the time, yet doesn't seem like it was that long now.  I know if we needed to do that again, we would. We recently switched from having a super convenient smart-phone to having just a regular cell phone because some financial goals changed. It has been harder than I thought it would!
         The things I didn't think I would miss has been just being able to check the weather whenever I wanted to, looking up a scripture no matter where I was, being able to google my son's 1,000 questions a day from anywhere. Yet sometime I wonder if those conveniences are really all that important. I do still have the internet at home and there are things that I LOVE about it. I would say staying close to my family, but I really don't hear much from my family via the internet. Sometimes I think we would be closer without it. Maybe we would make more of an effort to be in each other's lives otherwise. Yet I do love being in contact with friends and acquaintances. I love idea sharing. I love blogging. I love being able to look anything up that I want!
          I may be a little TOO addicted to this last one. Today I was reading in Alma. Alma was giving advice to all of his children during this, he discussed in length the after life with his son Corianton. Corianton had spent his time chasing after a naughty girl named Isabel. He had behaved inappropriately, and his father wanted to help him make better choices. He explained to him the purpose of this life and emphasized why he really should shape up! He discussed what happens after this life and how his choices in this life affect the happiness he will have in the life hereafter. As I was reading this, I was astounded by Alma's insight. I found myself wondering where he learned all of this. It isn't like this was the first time I had read this particular segment but the depth and breath of his knowledge really hit me this time. 
          Alma, as prophet, would have access to some scriptures. He didn't have other text or the internet to help him find answers to his questions though! He received revelation. He didn't just seek revelation as to the affairs of his family, or if he should grow corn this season. He wanted to know the mysteries of God. 
           We are accustomed to the easiness of information today that we forget, that with a little effort, God is willing to direct ALL our paths! He can not only help with the special needs of my family, he will let me in on His secrets--if I ask! He is available anytime, anywhere. It may not be as easy as pulling out a smart phone whenever I need and answer, but I know that when the answers come--they are probably more reliable! 

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