Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Max Max Max Max Max Max Max

In the Book of Mormon, the first family that we encounter is Lehi's family. Nephi, the fourth son, is the narrator.  He talks a lot of his pain in the neck brothers Laman and Lemuel and briefly mentions his closest brother, Sam. Sam was a good kid. He didn't ask for a lot of attention, he went about doing good and following the good example of Nephi. I would imagine that if we could read Sam's account of the journey into the wilderness, there would be praise for his God, Father, and Nephi. I think Sam was a guy who went about doing good in a quiet way. He probably wasn't a problem for his parents and was a good friend to his brothers.

My Max is much like a Sam. He is a good kid whom is easily entertained. He is a good friend to his siblings and has become a good helper to me. Max is a great artist. He is kind to those around him. Max is friends with EVERYONE! He makes friends with older people as well as younger people very well. Max doesn't ask for attention.

Consequently he doesn't get it as often as he should. I was much the same way as a child from what I understand. One time I ran away and no one even noticed--so I came home. I often felt ignored but, in reality I was 5 of 7 kids. If you didn't squeak, you didn't get the oil! It would just bottle up inside of me until I had a major melt down at absurd times over seemingly stupid things. Yet here I am with a child much the same, and I am constantly struggling to give him enough attention.

Yet, this heart of mine is SO THANKFUL for a little guy who is just happy to be alive. I am thankful that there are people in this world that quietly go about doing good. If there is a battle of good and evil raging in this world (which I believe there is) then Max is a stealth-sniper type for the good guys. He is a power to be reckoned with and no one even knows all the good that he does in the world everyday! He is an amazing kid/person, and I just feel blessed to be his mom. 


  1. He is so fun to have around. He is a neat kid.

  2. And this mom is sooo thankful for a daughter just like you who turned out so very wonderful in spite of all we didn't do right. When we give it our best shot, the Savior makes up the difference, and you are a great example of that. Love you!!

  3. Oh but Mom, you did do it right! You are the best mom a girl can ask for! If we could do everything perfect, our kids wouldn't have much of an opportunity to grow now would they? That is what life is about, imperfect people interacting/raising/loving other imperfect people!


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