Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful for my country

          I don't have very many friends that live outside the United States of America. In fact I have only ever been across the boarder to Mexico and Canada--as in I could still see the USA if I turned around. I dream of visiting the world. I can't think of a single place in this world I wouldn't like to see. In fact I had to go to the county building today and we passed the place where you apply for a passport and I almost filled one out, just because I really want to see the world.
          I have no idea the adventures and people I would meet along my travels. I love the variety of all of God's children. I have studied and learned about other cultures and can only imagine that my love would be intensified by actually meeting and spending time with others. My husband has had the opportunity to live in a foreign country for a couple of years. I love the stories he shares of the great people of the Philippines.
          Yet I do love the country that I live in. I love the heritage I have been given by those who established this country. I am deeply indebted to those who gave their lives to make mine better. I love that I can vote. I love that there are options of great men to vote for. Today I cast my ballot. My son was completely upset that there was nothing for him to do while were at the school voting. He thought that it was a waste of time and that we shouldn't have done it. I then got to spend the walk home explaining about all of the people that died so I could go cast my vote. I explained of all the women that protested so that I could cast my vote. I am thankful for those great men and women. I am thankful for the founding fathers. I am thankful for my country. 

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