Friday, March 22, 2013

I KID you not!!

This is absolutely one of my favorite pictures of all time.
So I wasn't going to post anymore about our week of "Stories of Jesus" but I couldn't resist sharing about today! So I was so excited to tell my kids about the story where Jesus blesses the children. I know they had heard it before, but I thought that they would really identify, and get excited about Christ telling His disciples to let the children come unto him. Well, we don't really do "school" on Friday so I gathered my children around after my super sophisticated lunch of hard boiled eggs and a fruit and veggie smoothie. They were a little hyper, but I figured I could handle it. I should have know that this wasn't going to go my way when I started singing "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and no one really took note. All week we had been learning this song before our stories (I mean what is the point of learning the stories if we don't also learn that we need to follow his example.)
I am sitting on the floor in front of the couch, Cooper and Max are playing on the couch next to me, Turner is sitting on the couch across from me, and Amelia is dancing in the middle of the floor. I start to tell the story. I emphasize to my kids that the children are "your age." I bring out the picture that I had, (not the one above) and Turner says, "Those kids are older than me." So I recognized that and brought out another picture, one of Christ with children from all over the world. Meanwhile Max is beside me driving a Hot Wheels motorcycle up the Little People slide, and making crashing noises when it crashes at the bottom of the slide. Cooper is now bringing me orange after orange asking me to peel them for them, and Amelia has started to try to climb up the front of me. 
I decided that I was losing them fast. I quickly finished the story, telling them that in order to get to heaven, we need to be like little children. Cooper has now taken one of the oranges and starts throwing it at me, thinking that if I didn't respond to him shoving it in my face, I will now respond to it being pelted at my arm. So I decided to sing "A Child's Prayer" to salvage a little bit of the message. I began by saying, "we can always go to Christ in prayer." As soon as I start singing Amelia decides that she can climb all the way up and over me and onto the couch behind me. She then grabs large chunks of my hair and yanks my head backward, and pulls as hard as she can. Turner likes the tune I'm singing but instead of joining along with words, he joins along with tooting noises. Max, my little saving grace, was in his own little world of fiery crashes with his motorcycle on the couch beside me.
So there you have it folks--If you want to get to heaven, just act like my kids!! (Just don't do it around me, I might have a mental breakdown.)

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