Monday, March 18, 2013

Reaching for something more

     Yesterday I was that proud mamma. It rarely happens for me, usually I am the mom that thinks that she is messing up her kids. They are often rowdy at the most inappropriate times, they forget their manners, they often respond in ways that make me cringe. They aren't bad kids, just kids.
      Yesterday Max had been asked to say the scripture in primary. Max had struggled with speaking in front of an audience before. Last time he had an assignment, he wouldn't even repeat after me. This time we memorized it and practiced it over and over and over again. He got up to give his scripture and kind of froze. I went to the front of the room, hoping and PRAYING that he would at least repeat after me. I whispered the first word in his ear and he loudly, clearly, and confidently quoted the whole scripture from memory. I was impressed, and yes, even a little proud--okay a lot proud, there were even a few tears shed. 
     I am am so in love with my little Max. He has such a creative mind. He is always coming up with some amazing stories, scenarios, and sometimes, the most off the wall questions. He often tells me that the world is really on the back of a giant turtle or he tells me that we are really all inside of a bear's belly. I think it is his way of trying to make sense of there being something bigger out there. I think he can sense that we are tiny in the scheme of things. He seems to be reaching for something more. 
     I have been inspired by both of my big boys. Turner memorized the scripture right along with Max. We are going to memorize a scripture a week. Right now we are preparing for the week before Easter by studying the stories of Jesus. Next week we will learn everyday about what happened in the last week of Christ's life. So our scripture this week is John 14:15 "If ye love me, keep my commandments." Short, sweet, easy for the kids to memorize, and perfect to remember how we can honor the Savior at this time of year, and always. (And it doesn't hurt to hope that it might rub off, and they will remember to be obedient to their parents too!)

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