Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Max's birthday/Easter weekend part 2

So it is pretty hard to separate Max's birthday and Easter. We did Easter baskets, Easter egg hunt, and his birthday dinner on Sat. On Sunday we did church, Easter dinner, birthday presents, and birthday cake. All in all it was a fantastic weekend. Here it is in pictures:

We blew up some punch balloons and they had a blast Sunday morning!

Josh was amazing enough to snap a few pictures of the kids Sunday morning. 

I was kinda in love with Amelia's dress at first sight
I was down the week before Max's birthday. My amazing MIL was kind enough to make Max's cake for him. He loves Wreck-it Ralph. He loved his cake! (it was yummy too!!)

Make a wish my big 5 year-old
Amelia with Sophia. Amelia is a little jealous, she pretends her name is Princess Sophia quite a bit.

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  1. What a fun holiday to share a birthday with! Beautiful kids! I can't believe how big those twins of yours are getting.


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