Thursday, April 4, 2013

Side tracked FHE

          So I was sure FHE was going to be a winner. Wait hold on, as I write that, it sounds like I had planned a FHE. Truth be told, there hadn't been much planning going on. Yet as we started horsing around with my camera and a flashlight, a brilliant lesson came flooding into my mind. The inspiration was abundant.
So, maybe the first images we created were a little creepy. But they were engaged! The kids were participating and they were having fun! Half 90% of the battle  solved right there!
After we took the creepy pictures, we started playing around with creating shapes with the light. 
Everyone had a turn. We then moved onto the lesson part of the night. We began by talking about tools. What tools did we use to create our pictures?
We used Daddy's flashlight. We used Mommy's camera. We even used our arms,faces, fingers etc . . .
We used Mommy's knowledge of photography to take them. If we were going to print them, we would need a computer, a printer or Costco. If we were going to get them printed at Costco, there would be even more tools involved. A car, the Costco printer, the Costco workers etc. . .
Then I asked if Heavenly Father had tools. We talked about the scriptures and churches. Then I asked if people could be tools. We talked about teachers, bishops, missionaries and more. I asked if Satan had tools.
We talked about how Satan often takes good things and uses them as tools to tempt us to do wrong things. Like spending too much time watching TV (Which was reinforcing an earlier conversation I had had with them that morning.) or too much time on the computer. 
We sang Dare to do right. We talked about how each of us have work to do here on this earth. We have all been put here to accomplish something that "no other can do."
I read them scriptures on their personal mission, and we talked about how we can all be tools for Heavenly Father. 
By this time, the kids had lost it. They were being very silly. Turner said he wanted to be a chain saw. I tried to turn that around by saying, "that means that you would be sharp and work hard."
Max then said that he wanted to be a screwdriver. He wanted to be a screwdriver so that he could screw everyone. Now he just turned 5, He had no idea what he was saying.
But, I lost it at this point and covered my face with a couch cushion so they couldn't see me laughing. 
I was really glad when I didn't get called on to pray. 
Just goes to show you that it really doesn't matter, your kids are going to find a way to thwart Family Home Evening, no matter what!! Yet, it is still worth it. I am sure they will get something out of it someday.

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