Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cooper and Amelia turn 3!

So right now I am sitting here feeling sick. It may have been from putting too much salt on my popcorn, but I think it is because I can't find the pictures from Amelia and Cooper's birthday party. I am missing a memory card, so I hope that they are somewhere lost and someday I will find them and get to edit this post. Yet, there is a part of me that thinks that I erased them. Uggghh! Oh how I wish I was more organized. 
I found them!!! I found the pictures!! Oh happy day :)
They will be added at the end of this post!
The day of Cooper and Amelia's birthday, we went and got snow cones from a street vendor. I have always wanted to stop and get one before. I was glad we had a reason to celebrate!

Amelia eating her very first snowcone, on her 3rd birthday!

Cooper eating his first snowcone!

Max devouring his frozen treat!

Busy at work--making it disappear!
The kiddos! Now we will also know exactly how much gas was when the twins were 3! (It was $1.25 when I was 3)

We went to McD's for lunch. Every time I go there I swear never again. 

So I thought I would start doing little interviews with the kids on their birthdays. They were more interested in the camera. This is why I don't have pictures from that afternoon though, these ate up the memory on my card and I had to change out cards while these downloaded. 

Oh they are so cute at this age! Amelia had a princess cake. I took a little princess Sophia doll and put it in cake and decorated it to look like her skirt. Cooper wanted a superman cake so I star tipped the superman symbol on top. They were so happy and loved them so much! We got to have Aunt Connie here along with Josh's brother and parents. It was a great day!

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  1. "What's your favorite color?" -uhhh princess? Sooo cute!! I love her.


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