Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reggae brought me peace.

One cold March day in 2011 my little boy had to have surgery. It was a minor routine surgery. Nothing to a mom is minor or routine. Especially the first time one of your children has to go under the knife. I reached out to some friends who have medically fragile children for tips, hints, and just something that would help me get through this experience.

That morning I remember walking into Primary Children's Hospital. As I walked in, the line from a song came to my mind. "Don't worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright." With the phrase came an immense peace. I am sure that I had heard the song a few times before, but it wasn't a song on my playlist. The phrase played over and over all day. (Crazy fact: a song stuck in your head like that is called an earworm--don't believe me? Look it up!)

The night before Josh had given Cooper a *Priesthood blessing. After that blessing, he gave me one too. He blessed me that I would be calm and have peace. That calm and peace came with the one phrase from this song.

The next day I looked it up--the song is called, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. I am not opposed to Bob, but not something that I routinely listen to. I was so thankful that this  reggae song could bring me such peace.

I was sitting here editing photos and the song came on. It is now downloaded into my favorites playlist. I am still so thankful for the day Reggae answered my prayers and brought me peace and comfort. I thought I would share! (Now if only the song would bring me peace about our current government situation.)


  1. I really like Bob Marley and am glad he bought you peace. Love the picture of Cooper.

  2. Guess what!!! When I woke up this morning and said my prayers, it entered into my head, from YOUR inspiration, to send my sis this song for her BIRTHDAY!!! I feel so grateful to a good friend like you to mend my torn wings on the down days.


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