Friday, October 4, 2013

Summer highlights

I really didn't take a lot of pictures this summer. As I am sitting here on a snowy day, I am wishing I had more. No worries though, I am AZ bound in less than a week! I get to relive some summer before putting it completely away for the season. Here are some of the previously un-posted highlights (besides our trip to CO that I still need to finish editing pictures!)
 Turner enjoyed playing a season of soccer. I decided that I wasn't a very good soccer mom. I really would get upset over stupid things and I hated my Saturdays being dedicated to whenever Turner's game was. But my view on organized kids sports is another topic for another day. they sure were cute out there!

 Dedicated family always watching! Max decided that it wasn't for him though. So funny!

 Summer seems to be one big marthon sometimes. But we did get a little bit of time to stop and at least look at the flowers!
 The kids tried to eat a chocolate cupcake at the company picnic. The heat was more than those little cupcakes could handle. Cooper didn't seem to mind, just those of us that had to clean him up!

 Our yard has been one big dirt pile this summer. Our kids have been in heaven!

 Cooper was just copying the things he saw us adults doing (for a long long time!)

 But it was so worth it when our garden was in full bloom! I will be posting more pictures of our fun garden. It for sure was such a fun part of our summer. 
 Just hanging out with my kiddos is the best part of my life!
 Cooper and Amelia are getting into EVERYTHING! I really should check on them more often when I can't hear them. Can you tell they got busted on this one by their dad (they are much more afraid of him than me!)

 We love our tradition of going to the drive-in at least once a summer. This year was to see planes. It was cute. I would have enjoyed it more if a huge truck didn't park right in front of us. We go every year yet always forget that we need to get there earlier!

Waiting for it to get dark at the drive in was a very pretty!

The neighborhood kids!
 We weren't the only ones in the neighborhood that did some major yard work this summer. 

 Mustache mania at the Thomson household. I love having late church. We get a chance to just hang out with each other as a whole family that we really don't get any other day of the week.

 Turner was just leaning over my shoulder as I worked on this post. He said, "I miss those summer days." The heater kicked on simultaneously and I thought, "So do I son, so do I!"

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  1. It really rather annoys me how my comments don't send on the upstairs computer! Loved the summer goods, mustaches and DRIVE INS! Gardens, some ball, neighbors and fun!


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