Sunday, May 4, 2014

Funny boy

Today I got a very rare Sunday nap. When I woke up I had this strong feeling that I needed to go see my Grandma. I didn't act on that *prompting right away but it didn't leave me alone. I fed my kids some dinner and realized it was already after 7--which would normally mean that it is too late to drive to Grandma's house. I have before gone that late but left my kids with Josh so he could put them to bed. I really felt like I wanted my whole family to go though so we decided to put the kids in their PJ's and go, even if it meant we couldn't stay very long. 

We didn't get to her house until after 8. When I got there she said she had been alone all day except when *priesthood holders from her local *ward came to bring her the *sacrament and when her *Home Teachers came. Although I am glad she hadn't been truly alone all day, I was very thankful for the impression to go see her. 

During the evening Grandma showed Turner an invite to my cousin's son's *baptism. She then asked him what it meant to be baptized. Turner replied that it meant that you would get your sins washed away. Grandma then replied, "you don't have any sins do you?" He smiled and responded, "yeah, I got a lot of them. I have so many that they are probably going to have to baptize me twice; once to wash away half of my sins and another time to wash away the other half." Grandma and I both had a good laugh over that. Turner was in a good mood the rest of the night--so proud that he had made his great-grandma laugh. 

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  1. I'm so glad you guys went up!!! I hate to think that she had no family come and see her. Thank goodness for great ward members!


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