Saturday, May 9, 2015

A little history

Since I just wrote my 500th blog post, I thought that I would commemorate by writing a little history of my blog.

My first blog post was written at the end of December 2007 seven and a half years ago to record the happenings of Christmas that year with our then family of three. 

I then blogged over at I spelled my own last name wrong when I found a blog address. I realized it the day of my first blog post but thought it was too much hassle to change it that day. I continued to blog at that address for four more years until September 2011, right after the twins turned one. 280 of my blog posts are from that site. 

When I blogged at Team Thomson, it was the golden era of mommy blogs. Everyone had one to keep family all over in touch with what was going on with the little ones. Back then women would read each others blogs and do this crazy thing called commenting! We would support and strengthen each other through personal messages telling one another that we were doing great. We didn't get intimidated by the professional bloggers. It was as if the clouds parted for me, and I didn't feel so alone anymore. I loved it!

I am so glad that I keep my little blog.

I wish that I blogged more.

I have had 31,737 blog views at this address and 12,068 at the old address. So for sure not a professional blog, yet I do hope that maybe what I have said has brought hope or happiness to someone. 

My all time most popular blog post--by a HUGE landslide is Dinner with the Latter-day apostles. The pictures are really lame and the write up could use a little work, but the idea was straight from God, and one of the best he has given me so I can see why it is a popular post. 

Thank you for reading!

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