Friday, May 8, 2015

Enjoying the journey

On March, 31st (the evening of Max's birthday) we left for a much anticipated trip to AZ. Celebrated Max's 7th birthday the day before (That post still to come.) Left after Josh got off work and headed south. We knew we wouldn't make it all the way to the A-Z, but we had not plans of where to stop or what we were going to see along the way.  
We decided that we were only going to keep our sanity until around Cedar City. We then thought it would be fun to go to Cedar break and Zions the next day. We had never been to Kolb canyon. We were given a National Parks Pass for Christmas this year and we have been trying to get our National Parks Passport as many stamps as we can this year!
We checked into our very sketchy hotel late that night and crashed, trying not to wonder when the last time the hotel room had been cleaned! Lucky for us, it only set us back $45. Then next morning we did some exploring around Cedar City and I fell IN LOVE!! I had never been inside the city except for a DCFS visit many years ago. We drove up the Canyon and I felt at home. The beauty was breath taking. Unfortunately the road to Cedar Breaks was closed, but I didn't care. The drive was amazing. 
We then went into the Kolob Canyon part of Zions and found some amazing views. It was FREEZING and hazy, but so amazing!

We for sure had some joy in our journey that day. The rest of the trip to AZ was fun and relaxing. I love taking road trip with my little family!

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