Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Almost there

I watch her as she learns to get down from high heights. She dangles off the dining room bench. Her hands are stretched in front of her, hanging on to the opposite ledge for dear life. She starts kicking and shrieking. She is certain that she is about to fall to her death. Her toes are a fraction of an inch from the floor, yet to her, she might as well be 100 yards up. Her support team surrounds her, cheering her on. "You are almost there!" "You can do it! ""Just drop!"  We all shout. She takes a breath hopes for her dear life and then drops the half inch to the floor. She starts strutting around, pretty proud of herself. She has done it!

I often feel like her. Right before I am about to accomplish something great (or ordinary--let's be real), I kick and scream and everything inside of me doesn't believe I can do it. I have come this far, and I am certain I will fail. It really all depends on the voices I listen to. Do I listen to the still small voice that lets me know I am almost there, and I can do it, I just need to let go of my insecurities and take the plunge? Or do I listen to the voices that say as soon as I let go, I will be doomed? Can we ever accomplish anything great and still hold on to safety and security? What if she didn't believe us? Would she still  be hanging on? What could I accomplish if I just let go?

So many question brought up by just watching my baby grow-up!

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