Sunday, March 20, 2016

Force Field

           A couple of weeks ago at *Stake Conference, Max, my (gulp) almost eight-year-old, was drawing some awesome pictures in his notebook. He was particularly proud of the one shown here. As Max was explaining to me that it was a picture of him. He was being attacked, but his home was a force field. I loved that while there were fiery bombs exploding above his home, he was all smiles. I really loved that he had an apple tree under his force field, cuz' you know, a boy has got to eat!
         I remember feeling, in that moment, such an awe of his picture. It was as if he had taken my job as a mother and put it all into one picture. This is what I do as  a mother I try to protect my family while teaching them to fight the enemy. The enemy isn't as obvious as the missiles in this picture, but just as real. I wish, at times, I could just put up a force field and be on my merry way. I know this fight will be won someday. I already know who wins, I just hope to keep my family fighting on the right side until then. 
"The armies of God, which include 'legions of angels fighting with us on the other side,' are larger than the armies of the adversary." Elder Larry R. Lawrence 
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