Friday, April 1, 2016

There is just something about mission friends

Tonight I went to a mission reunion. I loved that all of the kids were invited. My kids bonded with the kids of some of the people I love the most. My mission was for sure the best thing I did for myself to prepare me for motherhood and the rest of my life. These are the people that I laughed with, cried with, prayed with, prayed for while I was doing the hardest work I had ever done (before becoming a mother.) We bonded over shared experiences and our love for the same people. Time has marched on and a lot of memories have faded, but getting together with past missionaries brings a lot of the memories flooding back. 

I didn't know very many people there tonight, I only recognized one elder and then a few sisters and I keep in contact with anyway came. Oh, but it still was great to set aside a time to rejoice in the work we did together years ago. Sometimes it is hard to come face to face with the mistakes you made, but it reminds us how human we are. Hopefully we realize how much we have all matured. 

I loved my mission and highly recommend it to everyone. In the end, it happens to be a lot more about how the people and the mission changed you than about anything you really did out there. I love Montana!

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