Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Advice from a Chinese kid

I have had the amazing privilege for 3 1/2 years of going into homes all over China and teaching ESL to Chinese children. I cut back my working hours drastically last year when I was experiencing health problems, but I have kept one of my students regularly. She came to America to visit at the end of January and since she has been back, she has been in isolation. She is on her 7th week of staying in her apartment full time. She told me that in the last 7 weeks she has only been outside in fresh air for 10 minutes. She was able to visit a friend that lived in the next building over on her birthday. That short walk to the friend's house was the only fresh air she has had.

Today during our lesson I asked her to give me some advice to share with all of the American Children here that are just entering into isolation. She said, "This is such a great time! You get to have so much more time with your family. When your homework is done, you can play games, text with your friends, and make food." She has become quite the cook. She has attended American schools and is jealous because she thinks that the homework that all of the students here will get, will not be as much homework as what she has in China. That is probably true! I have loved her positive attitude and how much joy she has found in the situation.

I also asked her what she missed the most. She said that she didn't really enjoy going out before, but now she really misses it. She said that going out always seemed to be so much work, but now she wishes she could go out. If she were to go out it is an intensive process to leave and return. They have many protective items to put on and a whole sanitation process when them come back home.

As I have been watching COVID-19 slowly creep its way to our daily lives, my heart has been full of gratitude that we have our little slice of nature. We have a yard with a creek, and trees, and grass, and a trampoline. I have been so thankful that this wasn't a year ago when we didn't have a kitchen and living in utter chaos during our home remodel. I am thankful that I can cook from scratch and that we will all have amazing stories to tell when this whole thing is over.

There is much to be thankful for! I have seen people reach out and help others. I have seen people come together (via technology) to be there for each other. I know all of us are dealing with this in our own ways. My teenager thinks the isolation will kill him before the virus (ha ha.) I have watched children play "coronavirus"as they process all the ways that their world has changed.  I know they will be okay. And maybe these games will become a part of our culture like "ring around the rosey."

I am hoping what I get is a closer relationship with my Father in Heaven and Brother Jesus Christ. I am thankful for daily prayer and that not matter what, those lines of communication can't be closed by the current global crisis. There is so much uncertainty as we watch our economy shake.  I know it feels like we are playing a game of Jenga and just wondering when it will all tumble to the ground. As the uncertainty mounts, my heart continues to turn to God. I know that He is here for all of us who ask.

My love is with you all! 

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