Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Dreaming as I watch the "farm" come back to life

As life keeps passing us by during this pandemic, I have felt like some dormant dreams
have been awakened in my soul. I have been loving the home centered life and truly feel like
I want to know how to make it more permanent. Our family has been working and relaxing right
alongside each other. It has been a dream come true. 

A long time ago I had dreams of homesteading. I live on less than a quarter of an acre in suburbia.
We have done what we could to produce more fruits and vegetables on our little slice of suburbia
and now we have added chickens to the fray.
It has been great watching my husband build the coop right alongside my boys. I have seen compassion awaken in my kids as they have learned to love on these chickens. To think a few years ago we had no pets. Now we have chickens and cats.

Yesterday some young men came to the door selling pest control. They told me that people in
my neighborhood were wanting their service to help with the bugs, spiders and rats
(we have a creek running through our backyard and can get some rodents.) I told them I had
chickens and cats so I was good! I love that my animals can provide so many benefits. 

I still have so many dreams. One short term dream, and by dream I mean I have little to no control
so I just need to keep praying and be okay with what God gives me, is to catch a swarm of bees.
I have two baited hives in my yard. I don’t have the resources to buy bees at this time, but if the
opportunity arose, I would jump on that route too. Then my future dream is to be able to get a piece
of land someday to have more animals, and more food growing.

Some days I feel too old for my dreams. I wish I would have been more aware of these dreams at
a younger age. I hope though that it isn’t too late for me.

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