Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 down 11 to go!

          That is right folks, I have ran two whole laps on the last two days. I know it doesn't sound like much, but for me it is! As hard as the physical challenge is for me, it is the emotional one that that is the real battle. I know I can do hard things physically--I had twins for crying out loud! If you have never carried twins full term, you probably don't know the kind of pain it brings. The difference between that and my running goal is that I am not being forced to do it!
          I did decide to get pregnant true but I didn't choose twins. Also, most mothers know that we forget how hard pregnancy is in the first place. Once the decision to have another child was made, the difficulty of the pregnancy was no longer a daily choice, I had to do it.
          So now I sit here with another physical challenge before me. Unfortunately I have a choice. I have the choice everyday--do I follow through with my goal or do I give up, and become Gilbert Grape's mom? It is that choice that makes it the biggest challenge of all. I know I can just decide that it isn't a choice and that I will do it everyday--but we all know that we really do still have the agency. So how do you follow through with goals? How do you push yourself when it seems impossible or too hard? How do you follow through when there is nothing "making" you do it? Please please please share, I could use all the help I can get!


  1. You're doing awesome! I'm seriously so impressed. I don't know what to do to motivate you. When I need to do stuff I just have to make my mind up that I'm going to do it and don't leave any other option open. Don't think about agency. Just think, today I will do one lap before I do (insert something or a time here). Your mind is a powerful tool. Make up your mind to show yourself you can do this and that you're not going to let anything stop you, including yourself!

  2. Good for you!! I am not sure what to say either except that establishing something as a habit is the hardest part for me. Once it's a habit then it's easier but it's so hard getting there sometimes. I think it's great that you've told people because that helps you stick with it. Maybe you could do a sticker chart for yourself & once you fill the chart then you get something you've been really wanting :) I've done that a couple of times & it really helped. And when it comes to working out I always try too much too fast so I think taking it really slow is the best way & don't up it until you're really ready to move on.
    Good luck! You're awesome-I need to do something like this after this next baby is born!


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