Saturday, December 10, 2011

Enjoying a great December day!

 We are finally feeling back to normal at our house after our power adventures. Today was such an nice day! We went over to tri-city nursery for their festivities there, but we a little early so we headed to the park! I was amazed that I was comfortable in just a sweatshirt. But, you can tell by the runny noses in all of the pictures that there was still a nip in the air.

When Milzy sees a camera she pulls this face and says "tease (cheese)" It is so funny!

The only one I got of both of them smiling and it had to be blurry! Well, when in doubt, go black and white :)

I love this little baby bum! Too-Toop is wearing jeans that Josh's mom made for him when he was a baby! They have made it through a slew of Thomson boys, but I think Toop might just wear them out since he still isn't walking!

I can't resist putting two of Buddyr up here, he looks so happy in both of them. Of course to get him to smile, I told him to tell me a joke, so he told me a joke about a monkey pooping (which wasn't a joke at all!) Boys! Boys! Boys!

We made it to tri-city nursery and they had face painting. He cried when I washed it off tonight.

Here are the Thomson 4! Buddy did not want to have anything to do with Santa! He had just got a letter from him this morning, delivered by our friendly scout elf, and he still didn't want anything to do with him!
I hope that everyone is enjoying the Holidays! I am busy busy busy making gifts. I am not sure that anyone that I am making them for reads my blog, but I better be careful just in case! I will post my projects for the kids--when I get around to making those :)

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