Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting ready for General Conference

I love that Turner is getting old enough to really do some fun General Conference things with! Max's birthday happens to fall on General Conference and I am not quite sure how we are going to be dealing with that yet. All I know is that it won't interfere with our conference weekend. I think that it is important to get familiar with the general authorities. If we treat them like most of the world treats celebrities, they will be excited to see them on TV. So all of our Family Home evenings this month have been, and will be, directed at getting better acquainted with the men speak to us on behalf of God.

When I was young, my mom taught us the quorum of 12 apostles by singing a song. I have been teaching the same song to my kids. It is sung to the tune of 10 little Indians or the Books of the Book of Mormon in the Children's Songbook. You can get on the website  and download the music without the words. Instead of singing the books of the Book of Mormon though, you sing: "Packer- Perry- Nelson- Oaks- Ballard- Scott- Hales and Holland- Bednar- Cook- Christofferson and Andersen They're the council of the 12."  We have a picture of all of them so they also can associate faces with the names. I have loved this song and knowing all of the General Authorities in order throughout my life. I hope my children do too!

Stay tuned for some more General Conference preparation ideas!


  1. Thanks for the ideas! I'm looking forward to more. We always struggle with trying to keep the kids quiet while watching but it never seems to work. Luckily they nap during the second session!
    P.S. I hope you're feeling better.

  2. My Dalton sat through conference for the first time last spring, just after his 11th birthday. He's a sober child, and I'm not expecting it any sooner with the rest of my kiddos. They all do pretty well with the packets I print out, and the incentives per talk. Last fall, we drove through the canyon to see the fall leaves and listen to it on the radio, that was officially the first time Doug didn't fall asleep during an afternoon session :)


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