Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why the silence?

I wish that I could promise that I would never go so long without posting again--I won't. I wish I could say that I just didn't have anything to say--I can't. I wish that I was just having so much fun in life and didn't have time--I wasn't.

Life is just hard right now. I thought that the first year of twins would be the hardest time. It doesn't seem so hard now! I guess I haven't blogged much since the twins started walking. Wow! I thought that they were destructive before! It seems like the harder I try to keep up with the mess, the worse it is. You would think, if you walked into my house today that I never vacuum, sweep or wipe things down. I did all those things today. I am exhausted!

I also have been having some health problems that I have eluded to earlier. I finally went to a doctor that would listen to me (I went to one before and he just said that I have twins and that is why I am so tired), and found out that I have some stuff going on with my liver. I have to carve time out everyday to take care of myself.
That is HARD for this momma. Good new is that I am feeling so much better, bad new is that it is going to be a long road. So I hope that I can find time to blog more, but if I don't, now you know why!


  1. I don't blame you one bit for being gone though (although I won't say I haven't missed you). I definitely understand the twins in messes. My little girl and a boy the same age I watch are crawling now and it wears me out chasing them down when they go where they shouldn't. Walking would be much harder! I hope your health is ok. Taking time out for you is hard. I've learned to do it during nap time (I get ALL the kids down at once, except 1-2 babies and relax). Good luck with everything. I know I'm not close but let me know if you need anything. I can always mail you something. :)

  2. My ward has a curiously high number of multiples (6 sets of twins, 2 in 1 family, and a set of triplets). I hear them talk and still don't know how any of you do it.

    Good luck taking care of yourself, not being able to seems to be a common conversation.

    I don't have multiples, and my house us a wreck btw.

  3. I hope your health gets better & it's okay to let things go so you can take care of yourself! You'll have years & years to have a clean house, yummy home-made food etc. I wanted to warn you about the 2nd year of twins but I was hoping maybe yours would be different than mine :) They are 2 now & still no sign of it getting any easier-double temper tantrums are fun! But they're still cute!


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