Thursday, March 1, 2012

L--is for the way you look at me!

Valentine's day this year was fun. We had a fun party with the preschool kids. I love all of the valentine exchange and the sugar cookies and just plain celebrating love!

We bubble painted, and then cut out hearts from the bubble paintings and made valentines to take back to our families. The kids loved being able to blow bubbles through the straw. It was a huge hit!

For Josh I put a balloon above the bed for every year that I have know him. We met in 2004 so there were nine balloons. On each one, I put a post-it note with something that I loved from that year. 
Here are my bubble painting valentines. I made one for each of my kids with a fake mustache attached. They had a lot of fun playing with the mustaches for several days.

The whole crew! I love all five of these people with all my heart!

For dinner I made our traditional heart shaped pizza but instead of bread sticks, I made bread hearts instead. 
Josh and I like to do our Valentine's date before or after the actual day. After last year when he took me to Iggy's sports grill and to go see Tron in 3-D, I decided that I was in charge of the Valentine's date this year. We went to an Indian food restaurant (no TVs anywhere), and dancing with karaoke. It was a very nice night :)

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