Tuesday, July 10, 2012

God bless America!

Our 4th of July was terrific! The only way it could have been better, is if we were in Prescott, AZ. If you have never been to Prescott for the 4th of July, you are missing out!! But Kaysville is awesome--if you don't mind seeing only a few horses in your parade :) We started out the day by going to the community-fundraising pancake breakfast. I had seen these awesome Captain America tie-dyed shirts on pinterist when Avengers came out. So Josh and I whipped some up. They didn't turn out like the picture online, but I thought that they were cute none-the-less!
My big boy!

This guy just gets cuter everyday!

I am not sure that I have one of him smiling all day, but he looks stylin' anyway!

Our little tie-dyed family.
I also made Amelia a skirt out of my scrap pile--I thought it was cute!

We really loved those squirt bottles with fans attached! Score for end of the year clearance last year!!

Keeping shoes on the twins is a near impossible challenge these days. These are not even the shoes we brought for him! He wouldn't let us change it thought. So funny!!

Uncle Justin chilln' with Max!

Ohh Ohh, I almost got a good picture of Cooper!

He was covering his ears because of the fire truck! I guess we know that his hearing works! (Mr. Holland's Opus anyone?)

Us with Captain America!! His costume is made out of duct tape! Oh holy HOT!! Can you tell Turner and Cooper and trying to figure him out! Oh my little curious ones :)
**More pictures of our day to come!!**


  1. I love Amelia's skirt! I think you need to do a tutorial, or at least a close up so I can figure out how to make one. You guys are so cute! I love the shirts. I don't know what the original looked like but I love yours.

  2. You are so creative. Is there anything you an't do?
    The family looks awesome!


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