Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slip n' slidn'

Here are the other pictures from our 4th of July! The greatest thing about me getting down with my kids is that Max was really reluctant. But after a lot of runs from me, he decided that he liked it, and continued until he really loved it also. I think playing with your kids is important. I remember my father going swimming with us all the time as kids. It was huge! I am thankful that my kids not only me that likes to play with them, but a grandma that does also. My mother-in-law, whom is 19 years my elder, went down the slip n' slide also! She is awesome!!
Here is the proof that I actually did it! This is the only picture of me going down the slip n' slide. I can't care what you think I look like-just respect that I did it! And I had a great time!

My beautiful Mother-in-law! Yep, she did it too!


  1. I love your pictures, they are amazing and slip-n-slides rock. Good job for getting out there with your kids. Your right, it is so important!

  2. You are flingin' flangin' fabulous to have done the slip n slide!! Your post about what your boys taught you was awesome and has helped me out.

    Tiff, I looked up to you on the mission, and I still do! You are amazing! Love you!


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