Thursday, January 24, 2013

Accepting my best.

I wanted to share my freezing rain pictures with you. I was trying to think of a cool way to tie them into something meaningful, but I didn't come up with anything. So here they are, sprinkled in with my story! 
Have you seen the movie "Facing the Giants?" I have a particular love of Christian inspirational movies. My brother had recommended this movie to me several years ago--back when video stores were a thing. If I would have been wise, I would have followed his advice. My in-laws got it for Christmas so we borrowed it, and watched it on Sunday. 
Freezing rain on my window

 It was a really good movie. The message is to praise God no matter what the circumstances are. To praise him in the good, and in the bad. It kind of reminds me of the book "The Hiding Place." by Corrie TenBoom.

The Odessy never had so much texture!
 Well, a while back, I was kind of feeling bad that I didn't have any particular talents (more on that struggle in a different post.) I remember thinking that if I could sing like the angels, I would have used that talent to sing great inspirational hymns. The thought came to me that if that really was my intent, why didn't I use the voice He DID give me to sing praises unto Him. Maybe not in front of others, but praise Him none the less. So I did just that. I sang my heart out to my kids at bed time, and around the house. You know what? I think my voice got better! Of course I have a tendency to think I sing prettier than I really do ;)

Despite the fact that it was hard to walk in, it has been pretty beautiful
 So for the last 3 weeks I have been fighting a cold. I haven't really been "sick" since week one, but I couldn't get rid of the nasty cough. (It has been getting a lot better the last couple of days) So consequently, when you cough for a couple of weeks, you usually lose your voice. 

 I longed to sing my heart out for my kids, and to praise Him. I realized that my best was my best no matter what! As soon as my voice could squeak anything out, I tried to sing again. Josh peeked his head in a few nights ago and asked if I was singing or strangling a bull frog! I laughed and kept pushing through. 

 My voice is slowly coming back, but I am still a bass. Sometimes are best is just that--our best. Not perfect, or even good--just our best. That is all the Lord has ever asked of us! And if we still praise Him, and thank Him, we will be blessed!


  1. Beautiful thoughts Tiff! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I used to wish I had a beautiful voice (still do) but Cooper started asking me to sing to him before naptime. Now every day we sing together and it has helped him learn Primary songs better (he started in Primary this year!). I decided that he didn't care what I sang like, he wanted his mom to sing. So I did. And I love it! Keep singing, frog or not frog! :)

  3. Great thoughts. Sing out!! Btw I'm reading this thinking, yea, that's the right attitude, sing even if you don't sound good. Then realized who we're talking about here. You have an amazing voice! Join the choir w/me. It is one of my new years goals. Yes. Do it!


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