Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sledding on the bunny hill

         Right outside my in-laws back door is the perfect hill to sled with little ones on. It is in the school yard so it is wide, open, and abandoned during winter break. We had a lot of fun last weekend as we took on the hill and had a blast in the meantime! I LOVED that my kids get to go sledding WITH their grandparents! It was a ton of fun!! It was Amelia and Cooper's first time sledding. I am not sure what was going through their heads as we put them on a little disk and shoved them down a hill, but when the got to the bottom, it was all smiles!
No fear as Mr. T hit the slopes slope.

Crapa getting into the action!

GG and Crapa doin' a train!

Can't see his eyes, but you can see his smile!

lovn' it!

We couldn't convince this guy to stop until it was past dark!

GG getting some spray!

We even got a snap-shot of one of my runs!

Big bro taking the little ones down for the first time!

Yep! They liked it!

I hope it warms back up someday so we can go again! Too cold right now!!


  1. Such fun pictures you got!!! Looks like a perfect sized hill. :)

  2. Hey Tiff you are just amazing at catching the moment. You are sooooooooo talented at this. This is why I want to share a blog with you, how can someone look at this, and not crave sledding with their family? I want to tag onto what you've got!!!


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