Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas morning at the Thomson's!

I tried to make sure that we focused our holiday around the Savior. During the Christmas season, we spent a lot of time reading spiritual stories, studying the life and teaching of Christ, and singing sacred hymns. We talked of Christ and rejoiced in Christ. As a mom, it was really important to me that my kids knew exactly what Christmas was--the celebration of the birth of our Savior. 

We try to not focus too much on the material and really do our best to keep the presents to a minimum, but there is just something so fun about ripping open presents on Christmas morning that brings so much energy and life! I loved every squeal and shriek of joy Christmas morning. It was a great morning!
Waiting to come in!

Lovin' her new princess shoes!

Digging into the stockings!

He loves scripture scouts!

Coop shown' off his cars!

Max is excited about his tooth paste

Coop too busy digging into the goods

Moochie isn't so thrilled about scripture scouts ;)

Princesses for our princess

Daddy helping Cooper put down the current toy in order to open another one.

Happy girl!

Mommy! A car!! (His whole stocking was practically cars!)

Getting ready to open the present from Santa!

Max getting what he loves--Legos!

Turner getting what he loves-an otter (and a starwars head lamp)

Look mommy! Supa man (Little people super heros)

Okay, this is his "I'm really interested in this so I am checking it out intently" look

Loving her dolly before we can even get it out of the box

My pretty pretty present! I didn't want to open it up, it was so beautiful!

It was a quilt my sis-in-law made me! I LOVE IT!!

So happy it is dripping from her eyes and nose :)

And the biggest kid of all with his haul from the day!
Now if we can just remember that kind of enthusiasm as we partake of the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ!

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  1. So happy its dripping from her eyes and her nose! that is an lol for me. Who's happier Josh with his model jet, or the kids? Tiff....drewl drewl drewl, you must be so very very loved to have had someone made you that beautiful beautiful you of a quilt. And this isn't the first quilt to be sewn for you is it?


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