Thursday, May 9, 2013

Awesomeness of mothers

Hey, guess what? It is mother's day this weekend. Cool hu? The thing is, there are so many mothers that are DREADING this weekend! I posted a cute mother's day video on FB. It was an ode to mothers. I was surprised when I got not only one, but two comments from people saying they were dreading mother's day. What shocked me was that they were from women that I look up to SO much!

Now the idea of women hating mother's day isn't anything new to me. My own angelic mom struggled with mother's day. The thing was, as a child, I didn't get it. My mom was PERFECT to me. She is beautiful, intelligent, humble, selfless, spiritual, giving, funny, encouraging, supportive, god-fearing, kind, patient, plus a million other things, but mostly the BEST mom SEVEN children could ask for. 
She is gonna kill me when she sees this! I love you Mommy!
So if my mom and my two other amazing friends/family can hate mother's day, it makes me think that there are a lot of others out there that hate it also. 

The thing about being the child is that I (as an extremely overly sensitive and egocentric child) I took it very personal. It made me sad to think that she didn't like being a mother, my mother. I of course understand now that it wasn't about me. 

Yet, I have been determined to enjoy celebrating mother's day. I love the opportunity to celebrate the gifts of children I have been given. I enjoy a day to give thanks to my Father in Heaven for the four wonderful kids He has blessed me with. 

I don't view mother's day as a day to celebrate perfection. I view it as a day to celebrate motherhood. A day to celebrate all women (with children and without) that give their time, talents, and abilities to nurturing, and loving children. 

I know it is also a really hard day for thousands of women that WANT to be mothers and don't have the opportunity to. It is my personal opinion that any woman that wants to be a mother, can find opportunities to mother. (If you are looking, I have plenty of opportunities right here for some extra mothers!) And I personally am so thankful for the women in my children's lives that mother them. I have great aunts that have served as extra mothers in my life. Teachers, neighbors, and friends that were interested in my life. 

If you are struggling with feeling of inadequacy--stop it ;) and hug a mom. Let's celebrate motherhood together! Yay for the family! Yay for God's plan :)


  1. Your mom is awesome! I love the picture of the two of you squeezing your faces. :) I was surprised when I first heard mothers didn't like Mother's Day. I thought it was like another birthday - a day for them to celebrate and take the day off. :) I like what you said though - it's a great day for us to appreciate even more being a mother ourselves.


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