Monday, May 6, 2013

God knows our hearts

Right now all I want to do is write. I want to write about the amazing experience I had at Women’s Conference. Somehow I feel like if I write about it, it won’t go away. I have the words from that EFY song dancing in my brain, “I hope this feeling won’t go away, if I let it stay, I’m taking it home with me.”  (A song that is stuck in your head like that is called an earworm by the way, just one of the MANY things I learned this weekend.)

The thing is, I have been to many amazing programs, weekends, conferences, etc..., and I know that when you walk out of there, you are on cloud 9, yet pretty soon real life starts to hit you again and slowly that 9 drops to an 8, then a 7 and pretty soon, you are back in the real life mode.

I have found that if I set some goals about the things that I learned, I CAN keep something from my days away. I want to be CHANGED by the conference.

One story that I want to share happened at the very last session. Somehow at the last session, we discovered the wonder of the blue seats. Each day started and ended with a large group session in the Marriott Center. The stadium stands were old and built for people that were built 50 years ago. My knees were squashed behind the backs of the seats in front of me and my thunder thighs were squeezed against the armrests. The blue seats though were a newer section of the stadium. There was more room between rows and a couple of extra inches for the bootie, and they were PADDED!

The only down fall of the blue seats is that they were behind the speaker. This didn’t seem like a big deal due to the fact that they broadcast the speaker overhead on the jumbotrons. What surprised us was that you could read the teleprompter from where we sat, and that thing is mesmerizing! 
Our concluding speaker was President Henry B. Eyring. It was amazing to hear from one of the first presidency.  The theme of the conference was D&C 100:12 “Therefore, continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end.”

President Eyring gave so many great examples of people that have been strengthened through their journey by the Lord. As he spoke of Joseph Smith, my heart was drawn up in prayer. I believe Joseph Smith, yet I don’t really feel like my testimony of Joseph Smith is as strong as I would like it to be. I prayed to have my testimony strengthened. 

As I prayed, President Eyring started to conclude his talk. I was watching the teleprompter as he began the closing remarks of his talk. He stopped reading what was on the teleprompter and bore a POWERFUL testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith then continued on with the talk as written. A wave of the spirit poured over me. His words of the prophet spoke straight to my soul. Not only had I received a powerful witness of the prophet, I received a powerful witness the God was aware of ME. He used one of His apostles to answer MY prayer!

I was changed by this gesture. God know us personally. He knows our thoughts, He knows our desires, He knows us. I am so glad that I have a Father in Heaven that loves me enough to use one of His apostles to answer a prayer of someone so insignificant. I know that there were other people that needed to hear that powerful testimony also. I am so thankful that God hears and answers prayers.


  1. How awesome! And believe me, you are far from insignificant in anyone's lives, especially your Heavenly Father's! Those sound like great seats, and even better to know that Pres. Eyring's testimony was what he currently felt, not something he had written down before.

  2. You are not insignificant. You are a daughter of God. Love you.


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