Monday, July 1, 2013

Hey hey it's his birthday!!

At 8:05 pm a total of 17 hours of labor and 7 minutes of pushing came to an end. My little boy entered the world. He life was beginning, and mine began anew--as a mother. That happened 7 years ago. Every birthday my oldest has, I feel like it is my birthday too--as I became something new on the day of his birth. I became a mom.

I let him play video games--a rare treat in our house. The number on his arm was from the local trampoline place we jumped at on his birthday. 

My cute 7 year old! (SEVEN!!)

Cooper the super trooper!

He is so excited for his presents!

Max might be a little excited too :)

Um... Spoiled much?

I agree, an awesome kid!


That is a North American River Otter in case you couldn't tell!

This boy loves Otters!

Nothing like an otter cake!

I hope he gets his wish!
The last seven years have been such an adventure. It has passed quickly. Turner has taught me so much and continues to do so everyday. He loves the North American River Otter like no one else I know! He is so observant. I believe his memory over my own any day (he better not figure that out and take advantage of it in his teen years!) He is so helpful, kind and tender hearted. He is passionate. He gets excited over everything happy and devastated over everything else. I am very aware that he is mine for such a short while. I hope I do my best. I love you T-bug-Buddy-T-Turner.  


  1. You are an amazing cake maker! Crazy how time flies and how big they get. Happy Birthday to you the other day too!

  2. Well I've never seen a North American River Otter birthday cake--you've got mad cake-making skills!!! What a cute 7-year old he is!


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