Saturday, July 20, 2013

How would it change you?

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Today I went to W.A. and then swam laps afterward (mostly because I slept in!) When I was getting in the lap pool I overheard three women talking. One was in the pool and the others were standing on the side looking as if they were done with their work out. I hadn't heard the conversation but what I heard had a profound impact on my swim. 

One of ladies leaving mentioned to the woman in the water that her father had died when she was 16. The lady in the water inquired as to what he died from and she replied, heart disease. Then she said, "I vowed ever since then that I would run everyday."

I have heard of others that lost their parents at a young age from similar circumstances. How would it change you? How would it have changed this dad if he would have known a couple of years earlier? How would it have changed him if he could have seen how she would to his passing?

Now I have to be VERY careful here because I think there is a HUGE misconception about overweight people. I was very surprised last week in *primary when a visitor couldn't stop talking about my weight and what the other kids said in response. It just shows me how people explain weight to their kids. I think in most cases there is something broken either physically or emotionally. I don't know this girl's dad and what caused his illness. Yet I do know that it changed her. And it probably changed her for the better. She has probably benefited so much from a healthier lifestyle. Yet just by her words, I could tell she missed her dad, and wished so bad that he could be around.

So as I swam, I swam for my heart. I hoped my efforts would not only help me, but help my kids have a mom a little longer. And if not longer--a happier mom for as long as God allows me to be on this earth with them.


  1. My father-in-law just scheduled his bypass surgery. It has really caused my husband to reevaluate his health habits. And, we've become more aware of predisposition to those things. I mean we knew before, but when possibility becomes reality, it changes things a little.

  2. I have a brother in law who just had sling surgery and in two months has lost 50 lbs. You are brave for stepping out and getting healthy. it is about health not a number on a scale. I am skinny and not healthy, I am now focusing on the healthy part. Good job Tiffany!


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