Monday, February 17, 2014


We had a great Valentine's day! I absolutely loved celebrating the day with my little ones. My sweet husband made homemade Valentine's for the kiddos (and me) and bought the boys all a matchbox car and Amelia some new nail polish. They woke up and were so excited!
We made heart-shaped French toast. You can't really tell but they were pink.

Here is my attempt at heart hair. 
Amelia loved it.

We got a chance to go to lunch with Daddy! We rarely get to eat lunch with my main man!

That night we made heart-shaped (kinda) calzones. We even broke out a table cloth! You know we were getting fancy then :)

We loved it when Grandpa and Grandma dropped by with treats!
Then we went out for ice-cream with the gift 
card Grammy and Grandpa sent the kids with their Valentines. 
It was a very good day! Josh and I finished it off snuggling and watching Pillow Talk. Nothing like a Doris Day movie to end the night off right. 
 The next night Josh and I had our Valentines date. 
You gotta celebrate for two days!! 
I mean there is nothing else to live for in February ;) 

We went to Texas Roadhouse and then to the Stake Dance. We never dance much, we mostly go for the Karaoke! Oh we are bad but we love it!!

So what did you do for your Valentines weekend?

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  1. How fun Tiffany, I can't believe how fast your kids are growing up! Awesome pictures.


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