Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We've got a new grin at our house

Exactly five years ago this was going on at our house:
Love this smile!

If you look close you can see tiny little teeth!

Max got his first two teeth a month before he turned 1. 

Now a month before he turns six, one of those same teeth have found their way to the tooth fairy!

Such a cute kid! I love him so much and his new toothless grin :)

He pulled it out all by himself on his Grandpa's 60th birthday during the celebratory dinner. He left it under his pillow for the tooth fairy but asked me to tell her to leave his tooth also. When he woke up he didn't think that the tooth fairy had come--he found his tooth and some weird gold coin. I guess he had never seen a gold dollar. He had his father and I tearing apart his bed while he was all weepy. Finally he said, "she didn't come, this is all I found," holding out his hand with the coin on it. We started laughing and told him that was a dollar from the tooth fairy. 

Such a cute kid!

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