Friday, March 7, 2014

My eavesdropping epiphany.

Our book-it lunch at the park earlier this week. Love the program, love the free food ;P

Doing math but wishing he was playing. 

Honestly, with all of the fines we pay at the library, I wonder if we wouldn't be better off buying all of our books! Almost $40 when I payed off everyone's cards.

Wednesday promised to be a beautiful day. I decided that after a little school work we wouldn’t waste the nice weather and we would head to the zoo. The weather wasn’t as nice as promised but with a light jacket, we were comfortable. Besides, there was hardly anyone there! Mostly moms and toddlers hanging out on a play date. I enjoy people watching…more specifically eavesdropping on other people’s conversations. 
We got to watch the elephant trainer doing her job. It was pretty cool to watch.
The first conversation that made me take note was a cute-spunky momma talking about how she uses a lot of caffeine. She stated that she didn’t know how mothers could possibly function without it. I wondered if it was due to a lack of nutrition that left her feeling fatigued or if it was a feeling of having to keep up with the Jones’—just made me think.
The second conversation though was one that troubled me more. There were two very beautiful, thin (and I only mention this because of the conversation that ensued) mommas. One was dressed very stylish and the other was also adorable wearing workout clothes. She was wearing running pants that were form fitting and a shirt that matched. I could tell that the girl was very fit. She was stating to her other friend that she didn’t know how she could get another five pounds off of herself. Her friend that was even thinner stated, “oh I think it is good for a woman to have some curves to her.”
I was floored. There weren’t very many “curves” to these women. Why in the world was woman number one saying that she wanted to get five more pounds off?

Now I don’t think I am a good candidate of what a person’s weight should be. In the middle of my own health journey I have to say that I don’t think that the number on the scale means a whole heck of a lot. It may be motivating for some but as a whole I think it is very damaging. I think our culture’s obsession with the scale is partly to blame for the obesity epidemic. You didn’t see so many overweight people before everyone had a scale in their home. 

Of course I don’t think that the scale is the sole culprit, I think an obsession with “nutrition facts” has a lot to play into it but mostly the lack of nutrition in our food is the biggest problem. But all of that is besides the point. The point is, WOMEN—GET OVER THAT STUPID NUMBER!!!! 
I think she looks so big with her hair down!
Focus on what makes you feel good. What is going to give you more energy and live a fuller happier life? Focus on that! QUIT being obsessed with a number and focus on being healthy—emotionally, spiritually and physically. And none of that is defined by a stupid number on a scale or in a tag or even on a tape measure. 
Throw out your BMI charts! Focus on being thankful for all of the wonderful things that your body does and can do for you. Start by being thankful for what your body does, not what it lacks. 
We all do better with praise than condemnation—our bodies are no different. 
Please please please 
love yourself today.

My kiddos in my nest

Cooper's favorite animal is a tiger

Max loves turtles and tortoises. This HUGE tortoise came right up to him!

tuckered out kiddos on the way home

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