Monday, March 3, 2014

Ode to March

In March the wind blows down the door
And spills my soup upon the floor
It laps it up and roars for more
Blowing once, blowing twice
Blowing chicken soup with rice

If I haven't said it before, I will say it now--I LOVE MARCH!

We don't have to use heavy coats and snow gear just to play outside. There will be birds and daffodils and tulips! 

I get to start planting my garden in a couple of weeks!Fresh lettuce and spinich--yum yum!

 There will be sun, and snow and rain all mixed up together this month--not the same 'ol same 'ol everyday. There will be park days and library days and stay at home days all this month because it will change. Oh I love you March!

 Saturday night Turner and Max were invited to a birthday party so Josh and I took Cooper and Amelia out on a double date.
 It was really fun to spend some two on two time with the littlest members of our tribe.

We love going to GG and Crapa's for Sunday dinner. It is even more fun since Justin moved home. These boys love their mother so much and aren't afraid to show it! She gets picked on a lot but secretly I think she loves it :)

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