Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I've got to crow!

(The title of this post comes from Peter Pan in case you are confused--no I didn't get a rooster)

I just have to say that I have THE BEST HUSBAND!

I don't want to make all ya other women jealous. But I have to express my gratitude for the amazing guy that Josh is. 

Seriously as most moms know, pregnancy isn't easy. Esp. at first. Maybe a little bit better in the middle. Lets just throw in the towel at the end. But on top of my preggo-too-tired-to-function I have somehow killed my knee. Full on limpy here! (Spell check tells me I made the word limpy up...but you can figure it out can't ya?) 

I am feeling pretty helpless right now but my darling husband comes home and without complaint, pitches in and starts helping. He picks up, sweeps up, and takes up my slack. 

I adore this man and am so thankful for his patience with me.

Can we say BED HEAD? And major grump that I want to take a picture of it!

Twin bed head

We have to entertain ourselves somehow why we are getting new glasses for Daddy.

Silly boys. Cooper isn't pictured because he was in trouble for going outside the shop and licking the window. He got caught before I could snap a photo :)

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  1. Such cute kids and wonderful husbands make for much better lives.


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