Friday, September 5, 2014

May was a great month (summer catch up part 2)

In the month of 
we used Little House in the Big Woods for our book club that month. Part of our science curriculum was to make butter and corn bread. (Oh thinking of how much more energy I had back then makes me excited to have this baby even more!
 My grandma once taught me a rhyme that they use to say when they were churning butter. We learned it and chanted it while we made our cream into butter! 

 Come butter come butter come
Max (insert name of churnner in here) is waiting by the gate
waiting for a butter cake so 
come butter come butter come
 We all got LOTS of turns. Making butter always seems to take longer than you think it is going to. 

 We also ground corn for cornbread and made spiced apples. It was a great day in the Big Woods!

Amelia and Cooper being silly!

Our gender reveal was in May also! I really hope the tech was right since I gave away all my boy clothes and currently have baby girl clothes in the wash!
One of the things we loved the most in May was the Bird Festival! We went to that owl class at the Ogden Nature Center. There were like four families there. We got a lot of quality time with the owls. It was dusk as it was over and the kids explored and ran through the meadow with deer. I am not exaggerating how amazingly perfect it was. It was a night that my kids still talk about months later. 

I was in LOVE with all of the bird houses. I want a yard full of them! 

 The next day we went to a class at the fair grounds on identifying birds. It was pretty neat. I learned that birds change their coloring from mating season to winter. I knew male and female birds had different coloring, but I didn't know that even withing sexes, they change during the year. There wasn't much to take pictures of, except this adorable llama. 
 After the bird festival, we headed to the chalk festival in Bountiful. This is one of my favorite festivals! It is so inspiring to my children. It is a great way to kick off sidewalk chalk season :)

May was a fantastic month!

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