Monday, September 8, 2014

Wedding, Family, Sun, Sand, SAN DIEGO 2014 {Part 1--the wedding}

I love weddings! I think most people agree with me on this one. I also love funerals but most people don't agree with me on that one. Really it is jut that I love it when you get to gather with people that you love fiercely and don't get to see often. My amazingly handsome, smart, spiritual, awesome brother (okay that describes all four of them) had been single far too long. He finally found the girl of his dreams, waited patiently for her to feel the same way, and in June they were married for time and all eternity in the San Diego Temple

Shortly before his wedding, I was reading his testimony that he had written for me when I turned 8 and got baptized. Here is an excerpt from it. "Tiffany, I know that Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayers. He may not answer your prayers as soon as you would like,but he will if you have faith and if there is a purpose for him to answer your prayer. If Heavenly Father doesn't answer your prayer that doesn't mean that he doesn't hear it. Tiffany, Heavenly Father will always hear your prayers." (14-year-old Rustin Mangum) I thought reading it was very timely as it had seemed that Heavenly Father hadn't answered Rustin's prayers, and the prayers of our family concerning him finding a wife, for years. 

When I met Emily, I knew that she was a woman worth waiting for. She is beautiful, smart, and kind. She can stand up to him and has the right amount of sass. I have never seen my brother whipped before, and it was such a good sight. I am so glad that he chose Emily to be part of our family!

low country boil

The night before the wedding, we had a Low country boil. It was really yummy! Josh and I have been craving a night to recreate this again!

My amazingly talented brother writes a poem for everyone when they get married. Rick really knocked it out of the part with this one!
Probably one of my favorite photos of all time!
 The wedding day was full of excitement. We were all so excited to watch the sacred ordinance as Rustin and Emily committed to each other for time and all eternity.

My adorable family!

My sisters and cousins! I sure hit the jackpot growing up!

 We loved the beautiful southern style reception. Great time was had by all!
Cute thank yous!

cutest parents in the world!

Isn't she beautiful?

There may be way too many pictures of Amelia but I thought she looked so cute!

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