Sunday, November 13, 2011

Double duty

I totally forgot to post what I was thankful for yesterday! So today I will be doing double duty. I am going to keep it simple tonight--no long wordy-posts . . . well less wordy at least!
  • I am thankful for my home. I don't live in a large house. I live in a small, simple house. In fact it is so small, I had a couple of people ask me if we were going to move when I had the twins. It is an old house, a simple house. There are no frill and no luxuries, by local standards. There isn't even a master-bathroom. I love it! I love that my kids can't get lost in our house. I love that it forces all of us to be together. I love that it is warm and cozy. I love that it protects us from storms. I love that it is big enough to have room to play and learn. I love that it is simple. I love the flowing creek in my backyard. I love the cherry and peach trees. I love my neighborhood. I love my house and the people that live in it. I am thankful for my small, simple home.
  • I am thankful that the twins are becoming toddlers. Even though I think babies become toddlers when they WALK, they are still entering into that phase. There is just so much personality and and discoveries EVERYDAY! I love it! It is such a fun age! Honestly all my kids are in a very fun stage right now. The only compensation for all of my kids growing up is that I love who they are becoming!

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