Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful for twins

     Toop-Toop has seemed to master the kiss this last week. All things social, he tends to be a little behind his overly social sister. He also learned to wave, and say "bye" today. Toop-Toop and Milzy make quite a pair, as she is always saying "hi," and now he says "bye." Yet, the kiss, is by far my favorite accomplishment of the week. Every mother waits for the day when her baby attacks her over and over with those petite kisses. Toop-Toop didn't start with the traditional open-mouth kiss, he went strait to the pucker. My favorite thing is that he hums the ascending kiss hum (the mu of muah) and plants the tiny pucker wherever his face happens to land. He then breaks into this mammoth coat-hanger-smile, knowing that he just did something great.

     Tonight I got to witness what only 1 in 100 other moms get to witness, one twin practicing his kisses on his twin sibling. Milzy wasn't interested in being target practice tonight, which delighted Toop-Toop even more. It also delighted their older siblings. They cheered Toop-Toop on in his menacing pursuits. It was one of those moments that, even though Milzy was a little annoyed, just over-joyed this thankful mother's heart. These are the little moments that family memories are made of. I love being a mom of my four amazing miracles!


  1. I love reading about things like this! Those little moments make everything worth it.

  2. Love the fact that your kids are taking baths in the kitchen. They are so cute.


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