Friday, May 4, 2012

Easter in pictures!

Amelia is THRILLED!

Now she is ticked!

Now Dad is trying to get them to smile by being silly--dang cute!

At least Amelia thought he was funny!

My favorite--even if Amelia's hand is in front of her face.


  1. Your kids are SO cute!! I love all the pictures.

  2. What fun pictures of four cute kids!! I love the dress and tie Amelia and Cooper are wearing. They all look awesome!

  3. I did have a minute to check out you blog. Love all the pictures of the kids. they are way cute.

  4. Your kids are some of the cutest I've seen! I mean really, I'm in love with their cuteness! And I can't believe how much Turner looks like Rustin! Seriously they are twins. I love all the pics! And thanks for sharing you life...even the parts that are hard to express. I'm thankful for you Tiffany!


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