Friday, May 4, 2012

There is a 4 year old in the HOUSE!

So a long time ago (as in over a MONTH ago) we had a very special day at our house! Max turned 4! I can't believe that this sweet little guy is the same age Turner was when the twins were born. I am so in love with this kid :) His birthday was conference weekend so we celebrated a day early, and pretty low key. He was just thrilled with everything.
All three boys opening one present!
Max getting his new bike. He was so happy to get it (but took a while to warm up to actually use it)
Max got a quillow for his birthday (a quilt that folds into a pillow) His other sunbeam teacher has one, and he loved it and had been asking for one. My mom jumped on it as soon as I mentioned it. The babies jumped on it as soon as they saw it.
Josh got to spend the party putting the bike together!
Max's train cake that he wanted.
The engine
The circus car in the train!
The rock hauler
Max really wanted a yellow caboose!
My little guy blowing out his candles! Oh how I love this kid!

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