Friday, May 4, 2012


     I had felt like Turner needed to open his circle of friendship a little wider, and hopefully gain some social and physical skill. So when my friend told me about a community karate class, I jumped at the chance. We had a rough start, with a bathroom break every couple of minutes, goofing off when he was suppose to be practicing a technique, and an inability to partner up on his own. We are still working on the last one, but he is doing really good, and I am thankful for the opportunity. I would love for all of my kids to be involved in a sport and an instrument when they get old enough. We shall see what happens but we are loving our involvement with the city program. After 12 weeks, Turner received his yellow belt!
Turner also got a metal for perfect attendance. The thing that I loved most is that he was so proud of himself. He struggles with self-esteem and tries too hard to fit in. A dear friend of mine told me that her oldest has the same issue. She told me that they tell him all the time that "it is great to be Aiden!" We have adopted the phrase (with the slight alteration of the name.) If I can help my kids foster a couple of traits, one of the top (after a testimony) is self-esteem. width="213" />
     I love Turner's Sensei. Sensei Mike is great with the kids and makes it so fun for them. He is terrific in redirecting the kids. He has tried very hard to help Turner with his individual needs. I need a lot of people in his life that love him, and build him up! It brings tears to my eyes when those special people appear. 

I love this kid! I am so happy that he gets to be a part of this. He really wanted to do soccer so we are starting that in the fall. I am just a little nervous about his eye foot coordination but he will be in the kindergarten team so I am guessing that it will be that way with most of them!

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